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Video - Mozart Concerto Performance with Scottsdale Philharmonic

I finally uploaded the video of my Mozart Concerto performance with the Scottsdale Philharmonic!

We only performed the 2nd and 3rd movements. Originally, I was only invited to play the 3rd movement, but the first day of rehearsal it was suggested that we add a movement to make the performance more substantial. I'm really glad we added the second movement, it's such a beautiful piece of music

Make sure you turn the sound down before you start the video...for some reason, all of the videos I've received lately are turned up so loud you can hear me breathing! Unfortunately, when the sound is up so high, I feel like the videos are very transparent - every single mistake and blip is amplified for everyone to hear. A little disappointing, since it's excellent video quality, but overall I'm very happy with my performance.


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